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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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pafrnic and chaos on the streets of port-au-prince as despair gives way to apger. >> look at us p we don't have nothing. nobody ain't doing nothing. >>. a race against time. aid arrives in haitian capital, but can't get to those in needs. and the human toll. one of the quakes' youngest victims lives to tell his story. >> my brother is dead. he's not really good. and my mom is hurt. is this the "cbs morning news" for friday, january 15th, is this the "cbs morning news" for friday, january 15th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan.
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despair and fear are giving way to frustration and chaos this morning in haiti. now three days since the catastrophic earthquake, patience is running thin among victims desperate for help. here's the latest. the red cross estimates 45,000 to 50,000 people were killed. 7,000 have been buried in a mass grave. recovery efforts are being hampered by logistical bottle next and a lack of supplies. the airport is short on space and fuel. incidence of looting and violence have increased. and the first of an estimated 10,000 u.s. military personnel have arrived. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. haiti is facing extreme monumental challenges right now. people are growing even more anxious as they wait for help and critical rescue hours are disappearing. residents of haiti are growing more desperate by the day. >> look at us. we don't have nothing. we don't have nothing. nobody ain't doing nothing.
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>> reporter: a lack of basic necessities like food and water has driven some to violence. looters armed with machetes tore through the streets of port-au-prince thursday grabbing whatever they could. one-third of the population is now homeless, portioned to left on the streets where bodies are also piling up. the red cross stemts that as many as 50,000 people were killed in tuesday's devastating earthquake and officials warn that number could grow much higher if the injured don't get help soon. emergency supplies are trickling in, but very slowly. the country's airport has only one working runway, and many roads are covered with debris. president obama is calling this one of the largest relief efforts in recent history. he's made an initial pledge of $100 million in aid. >> more americans search and rescue teams are coming, more food, more water, doctors, nurses. >> reporter: the first wave of soldiers from the 82nd airborne division was deployed from north
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carolina thursday and landed in haiti early this morning. the "uss carl vinson" is also due to arrive today. it's equipped with 19 helicop r helicopter, three operating rooms and can produce fresh water. close 10,000 military personnel should be on the ground by monday. only days away, but in haiti, it feels like an eternity. another major concern is what to do with the thousands of bodies that line the streets there. the government has started dumping them into mass graves, but haitian red cross says they've already run out of body bags. michelle? >> whit, as you mentioned, the shepmentes of aid are arriving, but they're having a tough time getting that aid to hose in need, right? >> reporter: yeah, well, both the airport and sea port suffered extensive damage in the earthquake, so even though you have ships and planes coming in with that aid, those supplies are slowly trick lick out to the place where is they need to go and it's not getting there fast enough. for example, planes that are coming into the airport are
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having to circle sometimes for hours before they can even land. all of this is just overwhelming and slowing down the relief efforts. >> all right, whit johnson in washington. whit, thank you. one of the biggest issues haiti is facing is lack of medical care. an overwhelming number are injured, many of them this in need of immediate medical assist tnsz which they won't get. listen to this one young victim. >> where do you hurt? >> in my foot. both of them. >> both of them? are they broken? >> i don't think so because i can work them out. but it's really bad. >> it feels really bad. >> yeah. >> what about the rest of your family, how are they doing? >> my younger brother's dead. and he's not really good.
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and my mom is hurt. my dad has -- thank god he's okay. my dad is okay. my brother is -- and my little brother, my other little brother, one is dead and my other little brother, he's hurting. >> so one of your brothers died? >> he's the smallest one. he's dead. >> cbs news correspondent byron pitts in haiti has more. >> reporter: this is what's left of the largest public hospital in port-au-prince. what used to be the front yard is now a makeshift morgue. the old court land at jp hospital is now the trauma unit. we stopped counting patients at
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300. more than 300 stories of pain and suffering and one trauma doctor. how are you supposed to take care of hundreds of people by yourself? >> i'm here. >> reporter: dr. tyrone gill is from jamaica, he flew in late tuesday. how long have you been a doctor? >> send years now. >> reporter: how is it this compare to nifg else you've seen? >> no. this is like a war zone. >> reporter: with no sleep and few plays, dr. gill has been forced to make digt choices. you have to am you pew at a time because of gang green? >> access is very difficult. to get here is a problem. >> reporter: slowly trained medical personnel from around the globe are vehicle link into the country and doing what they can. this boston based charity set up a triage center a couple hours outside of port-au-prince. those who can make it here get bandages, x-rays and pain medication. the u.s. government sent 300 medical personnel to haiti today and has placed 12,000 more on
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alert for possible employment. doctors would you tell borders has 800 personnel on the ground and is trying to get 80 more into the cup. many haitians are trying to get to their own border. their neighbors in the company minute cap republic have offered free medical assistance and for those who can't make it to the medical help, all they can do is sit and wait and hope. port-au-prince has long been a series of shanty towns. today with too few hospitals and too many roads like this virtually impossible to pass, many of the sick, the injured, the hungry, are virtually trapped in communities like this. but they don't complain. they improvise. at union baptist church, a local healer tried to mend a broken arm with ointment. meanwhile the sick, the injured, sing. god will help us, the old hymn goes. many here believe it's the only help they've gotten so far. byron pitts, cbs news.
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some fortunate members of a new jersey church group who were in haiti when the quake struck are back in the united states. the 15 member group arrived in new york early this morning. the group was on a humanitarian mission in haiti when the quake struck, they were working at an or fan imagine, most of them playing in a field with children. >> i was in a building when the earthquake hit, we all ran out. most of the team was already out playing with children in the field. and -- so we just hugged the children who were terrified. so we were never in any serious danger. >> group members say they were lucky to make it to the airport and get on a flight. just ahead on the "morning news," president obama's big bank tax. plus, ft. hood fallout. other officers may face punishment in the deadly shooting spree. you're watching the "cbs morning news." (announcer) did you know the snuggly softness from snuggle
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a beautiful eclipse blotted out the sun today for millions of people from central africa to china. no most, it was a partial eclipse as the moon passed in front of a portion of the sun, but some witnessed a rare event as a bright ring of fire remained when the moon's disk reached the sun's center. on the cbs "moneywatch," tech stocks lifted some markets this asia this morning and emily smith is here in new york with that and more. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets finished largely mixed today. the nikkei gained 0.7%, while the hang seng lost 0.7%. on wall street, stocks managed to squeeze out some gains thursday. the dow gained 29 points. the nasdaq was up 8. jpmorgan chase will be the first of the big banks to report fourth quarter results today. it's expected that profits more than tripled from a year ago. the wants to slap a tax on banks. the president says his goal is thought to punish the banks but,
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rather, to prevent them from being excessive, including handing out what he calls obscene bonuses. the tax could bring in $120 billion, but still needs approval from congress. the four major cell phone carriers want to help their customers help haiti. verizon wireless, at&t, sprint and t-mobile say customers will not be charged for text messaging mobile donations. in just a few days, test donations have surpassed $4 million. and nbc's late night nightmare appears to be close to ending. according to unconfirmed reports, conan o'brien will be leaving nbc. jay leno will take back "the tonight show" and jimmy familiar lon will stay in his time slot. conan won't be leaving empty handed. he'll reportedly receive a huge buyout and will be free to start another show on another network. so other doors opening for him. >> all kinds of drama. all right, emily smith, thanks. the pentagon had release a report today on its investigation of the shooting
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attack at ft. hood, texas last fall. army major nidal hasan is charged with 13 counts of murder in the attack. it's reported the pentagon findings could lead to punishment of up to eight army officers who knew or should have known about hasan's behavior prior to the attack. sglu now to health care reform. president obama and congressional leaders discuss the legislation in a meeting that began last night and continued in to the wee hours this morning. the white house says they made, quote, solid progress. democrats hope to reach an agreement on elements of the measure today. straight ahead, your friday morning weather. and in sports, the jazz hits a high note in a great finish against the cavaliers. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wanted to quit smoking so many times, but those days came and went
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night and a bild finish in sold lake city. cleveland's lebron james drives up for a lay-up, but comes up limping. clearly hob belled, james shifts for a three point strategy and the cavaliers take the lead. but they couldn't hold on to it and at the buzzer, jazz rookie wins it with a three-pointer. jazz 97, cavs 96. in boss done, the visiting bulls got things rolling early including a follow-jam by gibson. in the second period, chicago's thomas pays a courtesy court on the announcers. and late in the game, the bulls' derrick rose came on strong to help beat the celtics 96-83. finally, gilbert arenas of the washington wizards is due in court today in d.c. arenas was charged yesterday with felony gun possession in connection with a locker room incident last month. he's been suspended indefinitely by the nba. if convicted, arenas could face knife years in prison, but he
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. heavy rain will soak much of texas and the lower mississippi valley. the rest of the south will get wet tomorrow. the plains and rockies will remain mild and it is stay wet along the northwest coast. here's another look at this morning's top stories. the red cross estimates that 45,000 to 50,000 people may have died in the haitian earthquake. this morning calamity is giving way to chaos, bands of looters armed with machetes roamed the streets of port-au-prince. and as aid workers and supplies begin to arrive in haiti, they're encountering bottlenecks everywhere. the airport is so crowded and
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short on fuel that flights from the u.s. were suspended yesterday for over accept hours. most of the world's big earthquakes, 90% of them, occur far from haiti, along the so-called ring of fire in the pacific. but rare as it is, before and after pictures taken from space show just how devastating tuesday's quake in haiti really was. as ben tracy reports, for years scientists have been expecting and warning that a destructive quake was long overdue. >> reporter: when you look at the devastation in haiti's capital city, there is no doubt that this was the big one. a quake so strong that just ten minutes later, the seismic waves registered here in the caltech lab in pasadena, california, 3009 miles away. >> it's unusual to have big waves like that coming in. and we don't see that every day. we don't even see it every month. >> reporter: caltech scientists monitor seismic activity and say haiti is in a very active area of the world. in fact, the caribbean islands were created by earthquakes.
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eight quakes of 7 mapping any tud or greater have struck the area in the past 220 years. haiti is sur vounded by two major plates that are pushing on a fault line that runs through fr jamaica through southern haiti. on tuesday that fault finally broke causing the two plates to slip past each other along a 40 mile stretch of the earth. the ground shook so violently because the rupture was so close to the surface within just eight miles. the seismic energy of the 7 magnitude earthquake is the staple as 32,000 small atomic bombs. scientists believe the quake was so large because pressure has been building up in the fault ever since the last major earthquake hit here 240 years ago. scientists warned the island was primed for another mega quake. in fact, in 20008, five scientists issued a paper predicting a 7.2 magnitude quake along this fault. they say the risk of another large quake still exists. >> by releasing strain on one
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part of the fault, you actually increase strain on adjacent parts of the fault, will by making them more susceptible to a large earthquake. >> reporter: the fault under haiti is the same type as the san andreas fault, the 800 mile long scar slicing through california. pressure has been building in the southern end near los angeles for more than 300 years. scientists say the so-called big one here is not a matter of if but when. here at the caltech lab, they have a accept uhe late tore showing a 7.8 magnitude quake hitting downtown los angeles. now, scientists here believe that will is a 99.7% chance that a 6.7 or greater earthquake will hit southern california in the next 30 years. ben tracy, cbs news, pasadena, california. this morning on "the early show," we'll have team coverage from the quake zone with the latest from haiti. i'm michelle gielan and this is the cbs morning news. (announcer) did you know the snuggly softness from snuggle
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